What Is Considered a Boating Accident?

Recreational water activities centering on boats and personal watercraft are popular diversions in Idaho and Washington, but as more individuals spend free time on the water, the risk of injury has also increased. Operator error on the part of another individual as well as defective products can result in injury-producing water collisions with other boats, docks, landmasses and even swimmers. Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs often play a role in boating accidents and other water-related injuries.

Boat crashes and other accidents can result in extremely serious injuries as well as high damage claims. Individuals involved in boating accidents may require long-term medical care, surgery, physical therapy or rehabilitation. In the worst cases, individuals may suffer permanent disabilities or even death.

What Should I Do if I Have Had a Boating Accident?

At Owens, McCrea & Linscott, PLLC, our personal injury experience extends to accidents caused by recreational activities such as boating. Our lawyers understand the rules of the water as well as they understand the rules of the road. We can help victims of negligence pursue their rights under the law.

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