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Now that I’ve decided I need a lawyer, what do I do next?

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Car Accident, Personal Injury |

This is the second of a 12 part series of Blogs regarding automobile collision claims for physical injuries. The series will address topics such as do you need an attorney to assist you with your claim, what you should consider in choosing an attorney, secrets of the insurance industry and other pertinent information related to your claim.

There are many ways to find an attorney. As mentioned in the first Blog of this series you can’t turn on your electronic device without seeing an advertisement for an attorney willing to represent people injured in car accidents. The American Bar Association offers sound advice on choosing an attorney . It discusses whether advertisements are a good place to look for a lawyer.

In some ways, yes ads are useful. However, always be careful about believing everything you read and hear—and nowhere is this truer than with advertisements. Newspaper, telephone directory, radio, television, and Internet ads, along with direct mail, can make you familiar with the names of lawyers who may be appropriate for your legal needs. Some ads also will help you determine a lawyer’s area of expertise.

In addition to looking at advertisements you may also want to get a recommendation from someone you know. You can also reach out to your state’s Bar Association or Trial Lawyers Association. These organizations often have referral programs that assist in connecting individuals with their members.

Once you have been referred to a lawyer, you consider that lawyer’s experience and the location of the lawyer’s office. You want to insure that the lawyer you chose regularly handles car accident cases and is willing to take them to trial if necessary. You also want to ensure that the lawyer you chose is local and just doesn’t maintain a mailing address or phone number in your area. Nothing can replace the assurance of a face to face to meeting with your attorney. Further, local attorneys are familiar with the nuances of local laws and court systems which can be useful in maximizing your settlement offer.