Motorcycle Accidents

Exploring the scenic beauty of North Idaho and Washington on a motorcycle or just going about your daily commute can unfortunately be a dangerous proposition when you have to share the road with negligent drivers. When your ride results in an accident, our lawyers can help.

Handling claims related to motorcycle accidents often requires specific experience, skill and understanding of the laws. The dynamics of motorcycle accidents are also different from those involving other types of motor vehicle accidents. A motorcycle accident lawyer with real experience can understand your claim and knows how to value your unique damages. At Owens, McCrea & Linscott, our decades of experience with accidents and injuries of all kinds have given our attorneys extensive experience in dealing with motorcycle accidents.

Due to the nature of most motorcycle accidents, you or someone close to you may face an extremely serious injury as the result of a collision between a motorcycle and another vehicle. If you are seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Idaho or Washington, we can assist you in receiving compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and all the other ramifications of the accident. We can also help you find the support and other resources that you, your friends, or your family members need to deal with the potentially life-altering results of a serious injury.

Please contact our attorneys today to discuss your questions about a motorcycle accident, and find out how we can help.

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