Injuries from Delay in Diagnosis

What is considered delay in diagnosis?

At Owens, McCrea & Linscott our lawyers are committed to pursuing cases in which a failure to diagnose a patient's condition soon enough resulted in adverse health effects or even death.

Some serious diseases can progress quickly and need to be treated as soon as possible. When a physician or emergency room doctor fails to diagnose a treatable medical condition when the symptoms first appeared, you may have a claim for medical malpractice.

There is never a good time to find out that you or a loved one sick, but it is even more difficult when you learn that the problem should have been caught long before it became a problem. With some diseases and conditions, such as cancer, a delay in diagnosing the condition in a timely manner will limit the treatment options.

What should I do if I have had a delay in diagnosis?

If you or a loved one has been harmed in Idaho or Washington by the negligence of a treating doctor or other medical professional because he or she did not diagnose a serious condition at an early or preventable stage, please contact our medical negligence lawyers to discuss the possibility that you have a claim.